With the earth's global temperature on the rise and food producing regions being affected by adverse weather, the time has come to break the stranglehold fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal have on our energy production infrastructure. If change isn't coming fast enough to your area, don't think you have no choice than to accept power from the local coal plant. You can retrofit your home or office to run on renewable energy. Here are some of the options you have available to you right now.


Solar energy is one of the easiest ways to power your home with renewable energy, and also one of the most universally applicable. All home get at least some sunshine. You can have a whole system professionally installed to take your home off the grid or you can simply reduce your dependence on grid power by adding a couple of solar panels to your roof. Just make sure to put them in the sunniest part of your property and make sure they stay clear of debris that might impair their ability to absorb sunlight, such as leaves or snow.


Not every condo gets enough wind for enough of the day to make a wind power system worthwhile, but if you live in a windy area or out in the country, this is a great way to lessen your dependence on the grid. Wind turbines need not be the massive 400ft tall industrial kind - many companies make small home-sized turbines in various shapes, sizes, and wattages so you can choose the kind that suits your situation. They can be made at home, bought as kits in hardware stores, or installed professionally.


Using geothermal energy in your home is only really an option if you live near enough to a fault line to drill down and access the heat stored in the rock underneath your house. Geothermal energy systems cost a pretty penny to install and must be done professionally, but can completely heat and power your home for free (minus the cost of maintenance). Your excess energy can even be sold to your local grid, making you a little extra money.


It's great if your local grid power comes from a hydroelectric generating station, but not every utility company has jumped onto this bandwagon yet. If you're tired of waiting and you have streams or rivers on your property, you can set up your own mini hydroelectric generation system. Simply have the contractor build you a small dam that will turn the turbines you placed inside it, or just insert your turbines into a fast-running stream in a protective cage.

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