Pretty much every facet of our everyday way of living in our home has begun to incorporate ways to protect or help maintain the planet we live in. There are so many eco-friendly products or services that has made living a "Green" lifestyle that much easier. It's become so important for people to protect the environment that even home builders have gotten into the act.

Before when contractors would build homes the most important thing was to find the best quality of materials to use when building a house. While that is still of the utmost importance making sure that the building materials used and the items installed in the homes are eco-friendly also plays a major part in the world of home construction.

The way we consume energy is always on our minds and home builders know that too and that's why many home builders have begun to harness the earth's power when building new homes. One such way they do that is by installing geothermal heating units. First those unaware geothermal energy is the main source of geothermal heating applications and is generated through thermal energy, which is energy used to determine matter's temperature.

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What does that mean for us and ways we can heat our home? Well, if a home builder installs a geothermal heating unit in your piece of property it means that your home is being heated or cooled, depending on the season and the weather, through the earth's heat and temperature. Basically, the earth's temperature is heating your home and you're not relying on any other heating sources. Temperatures from the soil are pumped into your home through a geothermal heating unit and your home is heated or cooled whenever it's needed.

There are a lot of benefits to equipping your home with geothermal heating units such as making your home more energy efficient, as your home's energy use can be reduced by up to 70%, they're reliable in many different climates reducing cooling costs and water heating costs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and since heat is constantly drawn to your home the heat in your home stays on longer than normal electric heating units.

Now that you are aware of geothermal heating units it might be time to invest in one for your own property or talk to your home builder if you're in the stages of building a new home. If you are in thinking about buying an older home that has a geothermal unit already hooked up, consider asking an inspector to make sure it is functioning in proper working order. Who would we recommend? Take a look: home inspection company

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